Aqua General

Clean Water for your Home, Office or Manufacturing Facility
Aqua General Inc. is expert at providing the right water filtration solution for all residential and commercial applications. We provide water softeners, water filters, sediment, chemical reduction, carbon and reverse osmosis filters, UV, no-salt scale prevention systems and custom designed water treatment solutions. You'll gain peace of mind as you provide the highest quality water for the health and wellness of your family. We also provide filtration solutions for offices, restaurants, hotels, doctors, dentists, the beverage industry, ice making and other manufacturing facilities. Our AquaGuard® water treatment system is an exclusive whole house stainless steel water conditioner with softening, anti-microbial, chemical reduction and fine particle filtration media. Our high capacity resin and anti-microbial media inhibits bacteria growth within the system, while reducing chlorine, calcium, and magnesium buildup and other possibly harmful byproducts of untreated water.
Aqu General, Inc. Stainless Steel Anti-microbial Water Conditioning systems. Reverse Osmosis Systems, Carbon Filters, Bottle-Less Coolers. Houston's Best Water