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AquaGuard® Whole House Anti-Microbial Water Softener/Conditioner/FilterAquaGuard Whole House Anti-Microbial Water Softener/Conditioner/Filter pdf

This Anti-Microbial High-flow Point-of-Entry Softener / Conditioner/ Filter has many unique features no other system has and is five times more than a traditional water softener. This system will remove and/or reduce a wide range of contaminants on the whole house from the incoming water. It has a digital and fully programmable high-flow valve.

It contains:
  1. polishing gravel media,
  2. 5 micron physical filtration media for sediment and suspended solids (human red blood cell is 5 microns),
  3. fine mesh high commercial grade 10% cross-linked ion exchange resin for softening and heavy metal and mineral removal including certain radio-active metals,
  4. Filtrex® activated carbon organic chemical reduction/removal media for improving taste and odor and removing and/or reducing organic chemicals such as chlorine as well as disinfection by-products, combined with
  5. HYgene® EPA registered silver-impregnated anti-microbial media developed by NASA that inhibits bacteria growth within the filter system.